Five Must Do Things in New Orleans

New-orleans10As you might guess, there are a lot of enjoyable things to see and do in a city as culturally rich and diverse as New Orleans. The Crescent City has certainly earned its reputation as a party town, but there are other aspects of the thriving port city that aren’t quite as well known. For those whose visit is a short one, we’ve come up with a short list of things to see and do that covers a wide spectrum of the famous town’s personality.

Bourbon Street – Though best known as a late night party spot that goes into hyper mode during Mardis Gras, Bourbon Street also has a kinder gentler personality during the day. If partying isn’t part of a given trip, an afternoon drink in a quiet atmosphere can be enjoyed in the afternoon. It’s always a great place to people watch no matter the time of day.

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Top 9 Places To Live In Louisiana

Thinking about moving to Louisiana? Taking all fifty American states into consideration, Louisiana rivals only Hawaii and Alaska in extraordinary cultural diversity, fascinating history, and a breathtaking wealth of natural landscapes and ecosystems. Louisiana is also rich in excellent places to make a home. Here’s a short-list of the top ten best places to live in Louisiana.

1.New Orleans

New Orleans will have to top our list. Who hasn’t dreamt of a visit to the Big Easy? This city is the biggest in the state, and surely the most famous. New Orleans is the mecca of multiculturalism. French, Creole, Spanish, Native American, and Caribbean cultures continue to form a part of this city’s vibrant core. Tulane and Loyola Universities provide the academic anchors of a great tradition.

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Twin Span Bridge Brief History

The Twin Span Bridge is probably one of the most well-known bridges in Louisiana. It covers about 6 miles and it consists of two bridges, each running parallel to one another. The bridge runs across the east end of Lake Pontchartrain. You find this bridge in the southern parts of Louisiana.

THE ORIGINAL CONSTRUCTIONThe original bridges opened up, back in 1965. They opened in December, to be exact. There was a short commencement ceremony to initiate the opening. Each bridge was two lanes wide. Most of the bridge had a 8.5 clearance overhead. So what happened? Hurricane Katrina, is what happened.

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The Crescent City Farmer’s Market

The Crescent City Farmer’s Market is one of New Orleans’ most vibrant outdoor markets. It really presents a colorful cross section of what the area has to offer culturally, musically, historically and, of course, in the realm of food. As the market has been going for twenty years strong it has stood the test of time and weather and was an important way for growers and fishers to come together support each other and support the community post-Katrina. Here we’ll give a little overview of what you can expect when you go to the market and one of my favourite recipes I cook using market ingredients.

The market at present has 61 vendors most of whom sell all four days of the week that the market is open. Roughly speaking the vendors are divided amongst several different types:

• fruit vendors who sell a lot of citrus including different types of oranges, kumquats, tangelos, mandarins and so on.

• vegetable vendors who sell tomatoes, carrots, corn, radishes, turnips, cabbage, cauliflower, bell peppers, hot peppers, different types of melons, beans, beets, etcetera

• bakers who sell baked goods including pastries, country bread, vegan baked goods, baguettes, granola, pies and so on

• fish and meat vendors sell crawfish, alligator(!), turtle meat, crab, shrimp, and red meats

• miscellaneous vendors who sell things such as compost, frozen fruit bars, honey sellers, flowers, hot sauce, cheese, fresh pasta, pickles, eggs, dog treats, bedding plants, jams and jellies, and there’s even an okra specialist

• unlike many farmer’s markets there are no craft vendors at Crescent City Farmer’s Market

There are often buskers and entertainers who help maintain a lively New Orleans atmosphere provided they can get themselves out of bed early enough. The market is a great place for children to get together and play as well and has different locations for different days of the week. Check out a short video here to give you an idea of what to expect.

As promised here’s a one-pot recipe I make using my best rice cooker (I now have two rice cookers as I bought an industrial-sized cooker with which I make big-batch stews):

Crawfish Stew with Corn and Okra

1/2 c. butter

2/3 c. flour

1-1/3 c. diced celery

1 c. diced onions

1/2 c. chopped green peppers

4 c. water

1 large can diced tomatoes

1 handful green chilies

1 lb. peeled crawfish tails

2 tsp. Cajun seasoning mix

3 c. sliced okra

1 cup fresh corn kernels

Melt the butter in a large rice cooker and blend in the flour and cook while stirring constantly until brown. Add celery, onions and bell peppers. Cook and stir constantly for two to three minutes. Next stir in the water, tomatoes, crawfish and seasoning mix. Put the rice cooker lid on and let cook for 12 to 20 minutes depending on your cooker — stir occasionally. Add the okra and corn and cover again and let cook for another 10 to 15 minutes. Voila! Your authentic New Orleans dish is ready to serve over rice in soup bowls or on plates. And it can be made entirely with fresh ingredients found at the Crescent City Market. Enjoy!

Rebuilding New Orleans through Numerology and More

Those who tried to rebuild New Orleans after the devastation tried to use numerology to guide them on starting over.

It is quite difficult to fathom how New Orleans was the actual target of hurricane Katrina when there are thousands of other places in the world. The entire city was devastated by the said disaster and it was difficult for people to stand up and start over again. It might have something to do with the positioning of New Orleans or the numbers surrounding the actual hurricane. Whatever the reason is, New Orleans has to be rebuilt. The good thing is that over the years, we have seen massive progress. The city is a lot better now and it is gradually going back to its old glory.

After the devastation, rising again would have been an extremely difficult task. For some others, leaving the city was the only option. However, there were still a lot of people who decided to pick their broken pieces and start all over. This time, they became more careful though. They did not just pick up the broken pieces, but also tried to ask for help in many ways.

Asking the numbers

If fate has dictated the devastation in New Orleans, perhaps fate could also reverse its effects. This was the mentality of those who decided to go for numerology to seek for help in rebuilding their places. Obviously, numerology will not magically build a house. Instead, it served as a guide on when to start building, what particular area to choose and many other details. Numerology could also dictate how many bedrooms should be built or how many floors the house must have. The good thing is that numerology analyzes everything based on one’s personality. Therefore, it is not just a random assignment of numbers. It is really more of matching the person with numbers.

In the end, those who used numerology became successful. They were able to rebuild their places and have not suffered any devastation since. Though numerology was used, they did not rely entirely on that to rebuild their houses. It was just a guide. If you are also planning to build a house or renovate one, you can also try numerology. For more information about numerology compatibility, go to If you want to know more about numerology meanings, then read this.

Enjoying what you have

Again, numerology is just a guide on what you have to do to start over. This is not the end result, but a commencement. It is up to you on how you will use what was given to you to your advantage. You need to find ways to make the most out of the power of numbers. To top it all, you just have to enjoy the process. You must not immediately think about being lucky or getting the results you have always wanted. It is more of seeing the process and savoring every moment. If you achieve positive results in the end, then it is great. If not, at least you have enjoyed the whole process and saw the world in a different perspective.

New Orleans’ Own Annual Writers Festival

This upcoming weekend marks the 13th year of the New Orleans annual festival for writers – NO & Beyond Writers’ Festival.  The festival was originally created when famed New Orleans writer Chet Slaton offered a full day writing workshop for fiction writers.  Presently, that workshop has evolved to include all genres and writers – fiction, non-fiction, memoir, humor, short stories, novellas, you name it! Additionally, writers from all over the country have begun to participate in NO & Beyond and this year organizers are expecting record-breaking attendance as multi-NYT Bestselling author James Patterson has agreed to be the keynote speaker as well as host his own workshop for the lucky people who found themselves with tickets.

Each year the festival celebrates a theme and the current theme is “Handwritten Reflections,” as an ode to the ages when writers did not have word processors, a backspace key or fretted over their typing speed.  Local merchants are hopeful about the theme, especially 3 New Orleans stationary and print stores in particular, as they surmise they will see a bump in sales for their fountain pen lines.

Jameson Pens and Paper, a local business in downtown New Orleans for just shy of 35 years, is one of the stationary stores gearing up for the upcoming festival.  Quinten Jameson, the store’s owner, states that he hopes the writers will be inspired to remember the craft of taking pen to paper to take notes or write their stories.  He will be selling his favorite fountain pens, four in total, to writers this weekend.

Melissa Hamilton, a New Orleans author herself, runs the King Cake Gift Shoppe with her husband.  The shop sells a wide array of stationary supplies, including fountain pens.  Hamilton states that although fountain pen sales have been steady even with the ever-present change of technology in our society, she hopes NO & Beyond will be a positive influence on sales.  Hamilton is taking things one step further and has agreed to run a workshop for fiction writers about finding inspiration and ideas in everyday life.  She admits that there is a section on note taking and always having a pen and pad at the ready – which will most likely segue into a plug for her products.

Lastly, Zenith Pens, of, calls New Orleans home.  Zenith Pens’ founder Dustin James sells pens that are consistently ranked top fountain pens in the world, thanks to their patented (and secret!) ink infusion technology.  The ink cartridges in Zenith Pens last about 78% longer than their competition, which has always been a major selling point.  Zenith Pens will also be selling merchandise at NO & Beyond, and have been heavily publicized as they are a top sponsor at this year’s event.

If you happen to be a burgeoning or even celebrated writer close to the New Orleans area, we hope you find yourself in our magical city at the NO & Beyond Writers’ Festival.  There are still plenty of tickets for admission left, but act soon because many of the workshops have been filled to capacity.  For those of you who have already purchased tickets, we will see you there!

Great Restaurants in New Orleans

New Orleans is well known for being one of the best party cities in the U.S. Of course, that’s not the city’s only claim to fame; it’s also home to some incredible food that blends together a variety of influences, making it a unique culinary destination. Here is a closer look at some of the great restaurants New Orleans has to offer, aided by our friends at Culinary Dreaming.

We’ll start with Commander’s Palace, which blurs the line between restaurant and party house. There are several rooms that all come with different decorations, giving you a new and unique atmosphere every time you visit. The food is great too, offering unique takes on Creole and Cajun styles, in addition to having some of the best fish in New Orleans. Finally, when you’re meal is over, you can take a tour of the restaurant, which includes the kitchen, offering you far more than just another meal.

If good barbecue is what you’re craving, head to The Joint. Obviously, the name can be a bit off-putting, but this is the place to go in New Orleans for great Southern barbecue. The Joint offers St. Louis-style ribs, Carolina pork, Texas-style brisket, and good-ole Louisiana chaurice sausage, making it the ideal barbeque place no matter what you’re craving.

To find the best burger in New Orleans, head to Company Burger. This place frequently gets recognized as being one of the best burger joints in the country. If you visit, try not to leave without trying this restaurant’s namesake burger; it’s two ground patties on a brioche bun with American cheese and sliced onions, and afterwards you may not to want to eat another burger ever.

Obviously, you can’t go to New Orleans without having some Creole food, and the place to go for that is Dooky Chase. The restaurant serves fried chicken, gumbo, and plenty of soul food, all of which is offered in an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet on Fridays. More importantly, Dooky Chase is a historical landmark, as key moments in the civil rights movement of New Orleans were planned in this restaurant, and so a visit to Dooky Chase means getting a great meal and an important history lesson at the same time, and that’s a combination that’s tough to beat.

If you want a place that doesn’t look special on the outside but it something great on the inside, it’s Katie’s on Iberville Street. It took five years for Katie’s to get going again after being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, but now it’s a great place for someone to get something quick and simple or sit down and eat something more elaborate. Katie’s has pizza, burgers, great seafood, and a few daily specials as well; giving visitors just about anything they could want. Including awesome deserts, as they have a world renowned pastry group there. The food is amazing, and the desserts are to die for.

Finally, you can’t eat in New Orleans without a trip to a food truck, and the best one to visit is Taceaux Loceaux. This place offers up tacos that go far beyond the average taco; they are filled with brisket, carnitas, and Korean barbecue, as the truck is able to blend a classic Mexican dish with all kinds of international flavors. If that’s not enticing enough, Taceaux Loceaux also offers avocado fries, making it a unique dining experience that you can find parked at the side of the road.

Using High Volume Low Pressure Paint Sprayer is Practical

When you are planning to repaint your home, it is best if you use an HVLP paint sprayer or a high volume low pressure paint sprayer. This produces the same results or even better, but you can cover a huge area in just one spray. Thus, even if it is more expensive that brushes or rollers, it is still worth the price in the end.

This is something that you can learn from the people of New Orleans. After the devastation of the hurricane Katrina, people had to pick themselves up from scratch. They lost almost everything to the storm. Thus, they have to find the best possible ways to stand up again without spending a lot of money. However, if you are to check out houses in New Orleans these days, you will be surprised with what you will see. A lot of them are beautifully painted from the outside to the inside. Those perfectly painted walls must have cost a lot. However, since these people are practical, they simply used an HVLP paint sprayer, and the results are pretty much the same.

How does HVLP paint sprayer work?

The good thing about this paint sprayer is that it uses low pressure to produce a huge amount of paint in one go. It means that you only consume less but produce more. The results are still amazing and everything is still evenly spread out. It is perfect for an entire wall of paint or just small portions. You can also create artistic wall paints if you want to.

Is it really cheaper?

When you buy one, you can obviously see the difference in terms of price with other items used for painting such as rollers, brushes or even small airbrushes. This pant sprayer is way more expensive. However, since it has the ability to make use of small amounts of paint only, but it can be spread over a huge area, then it is still worth the price. In fact, you can just keep it once left unused and it can be used again some other time.

Is it perfect for your home?

If people from New Orleans who basically have nothing after the storm were able to afford this paint sprayer and made their house beautiful again, you don’t have any reason not to. You can get one and decorate your house now. You will certainly feel great with this decision the moment you see the results. You can also have a look at homes in New Orleans by paying a visit or by checking out photos online. By then, you will be inspired and use the same design for your home painting. Hopefully, you can make your move now and start buying the best pain sprayer. If you are really interested in getting a paint sprayer, check out the best HVLP paint sprayer. On the other hand, if you want the best HVLP paint sprayer brand, go for Wagner 0518080 HVLP Sprayer. Once you have used them, you will really see the difference.

Twinnie’s Vintage Bike Shop: A New Orleans Favorite

Today, we want to highlight the work of New Orleans local, Gertrude “Twinnie” Swanport.  She is part bicycle repair woman, part artist, who specializes in designing custom bicycle helmets and rear tail lights.  While in her 30’s, Twinnie began riding her bicycle up and down the Twin Span Bridge after she got off her shift at the hospital.  She worked in the cafeteria most days on a twelve hour shift.  She says that sitting all day was no healthy way to live, so she started a routine of riding her bike up and down the bridge and counting how many times she could loop back and forth.  Each day it was always a battle against the last number she got up to.  Since she rode her bike mostly at night, she always claimed she needed strong tail lights so that cars could clearly see her, and a great full face helmet in case they didn’t.

Twinnie became quite a local legend.  The New Orleans locals would always take it as a sign of luck if they were driving over the Twin Span Bridge and they saw Twinnie out and about.  If you couldn’t already tell, her nickname originated from the bridge she so lovingly rode over night after night.  Obviously, Twinnie is quite supportive of keeping the Twin Span Bridge name alive.

Although Twinnie does not make many rides out at night as she used to due to her retirement, she still has a passion for bikes, specifically making them work better.  She runs a repair shop by appointment only on Gertrude Street, right next to the Bluefish Jazz club.  You could miss it if you don’t look carefully enough.

Yes, Twinnie’s repairs are excellent and tailored to fit your bike’s needs, yet you really need to take a gander pass the shop to see the headlights and tail lights she whips up.  Each one screams New Orleans.  The colors of purple, green and gold are always prominent, and most of the headlights and tail lights are inscribed with the sheet music of her local jazz favorites.  I personally own a pair that have Mardi Gras beads embroidered into the metal.  Every time I ride, it always makes me think of the beautiful celebration that is Mardi Gras.

We wanted to get Twinnie’s name out because this year she is putting together a vintage bicycle race around New Orleans with all proceeds being donated to the hospital she used to work at – Oak Valley Hospital.  She is hoping to gain as much support at possible from the local crowd and asks that people will not only volunteer their time, but join the race and spread the word.  This lovely lady is such an inspiration and another example of why New Orleans is just such a magical place to call home.

If you’re in the market for some new head lights or tail lights, need a fixed bike, or perhaps think you can add some expertise to Twinnie’s bike race, please go down to her shop on Gertrude St. and support local business.

New Orleans Health System and the Apple Watch

New Orleans is not known for a culture that puts technology at the forefront but Ochsner Health System in New Orleans may just leave a good impression in being tech savvy and reactive with its introduction of a system that makes use of the Apple Watch in managing chronic diseases.

With the goal of helping hypertensive patients in staying on top of their special health needs, Ochsner claims to be the first healthcare organization in the United States to exploit the Apple Watch technology in helping patients deal with chronic diseases.

How It Works

Ochsner, a 13-hospital nonprofit health system, has already started distributing 30 Apple Watches to hypertensive patients for its pilot project. Participants are expected to use the watches to track their blood pressure and get reminders for their medications. The smart watches are also expected to encourage the patients to exercise.

According to Dr. Richard Milani, a clinical transformation officer at Ochsner, the use of the Apple Watch is only an addition to the system’s already robust healthcare approach using mobile technology. Basically, the smart watches are introduced to find out if patients can hold their attention on the mobile device longer. Milani explains that they are trying to take it (mobile tech based healthcare) to another level potentially by virtue of the Apple Watch, to see if the watch can augment the benefits that have already been achieved with Ochsner’s mHealth.

Addressing Louisiana’s Hypertension Problem

Ochsner claims to have not been paid by Apple to specifically use the company’s smart watch. Ochsner also does not hold stakes in Apple. The group decided to use it because of its popularity (most participants use iPhones) and chose to target hypertension because it is a major problem not only in New Orleans but in the entire state of Louisiana.

The information gathered by the Apple Watches distributed will be transmitted to an Ochsner clinic to be analyzed by a team of health experts. The health-related information obtained will also be made accessible to the patients through a portal operated by Ochsner. Participants can consult with clinicians for possible issues encountered during the monitoring period.

New Orleans or Louisiana in general cannot be considered as one of those who have adopted an excellent culture of self health care. Not many are into using personal or mobile technology for health purposes. What Ochsner is doing could create a spark that will encourage others to consider the viability of using technology for self care. Many already use their smartphones or tablets to buy nonessential health-related products. There are those who already enjoy the convenience of being able to buy an hcg injection kit and other similar products through sites like this  but not many are using technology for preventive and health management purposes. Certainly, it’s more advisable to use technology to prevent health problems instead of using it to address problems that have been allowed to exist. There’d be no need to buy hcg tablets or hcg diet pills online if you maintain an active lifestyle and observe a healthy balanced diet.

Whether or not Ochsner’s system can bring a tech-anchored health care culture in New Orleans remains to be seen. Nevertheless, many are expressing optimism over the move and healthcare organizations in other states may soon follow suit.

Mining Industry Helped New Orleans Stand Up Again

New Orleans is now starting to go back on its feet with the help of industries that invested in the city.

The devastation that happened in New Orleans after it was hit by hurricane Katrina left a lot of people dead and injured. Worse, those who survived have no means of livelihood as everything else that used to be their source of income is now gone. Those who relied on agriculture can no longer do farming. Those who raised poultry and livestock also lost everything during the hurricane. Thus, it was really difficult for the people to come up and live normally again. For the first few years, they relied heavily on aids. Some others were prompted to leave New Orleans and look for other places to start over again.

A gradual step up

Some people from New Orleans though were resilient enough to start all over again. They did not let the calamity stop them from going back to where they used to be. Thus, there were those who fixed their broken homes and eventually started a business to have means of living. There were those who loaned from the government and maximized the aids coming to them to make their lives better.

The good thing though is that despite what happened in New Orleans, thee are investors who did not have second thoughts of investing in the city. They did not let the devastation stop them from seeing New Orleans as a potential place to start a business. In fact, even before the devastation, New Orleans is already considered as a place rich in mineral resources. Thus, when everything started to subside, mining was back to life again.

With mining industries coming back to New Orleans, more people were given means of livelihood. The industry also contributed greatly in bringing the city back to life through its tax contributions. Though there are a lot of other industries that boomed in New Orleans, the mining industry played a very significant role.

Moving positively forward

Now, it has been many years since the devastation and New Orleans is still recovering and trying to stand on its own feet. However, it has come so far since Katrina and it seems like the people have already moved on completely. A lot of industries are now prospering in New Orleans and new establishments can be seen. Residential homes are now well-established. Most of all, the mining industry continues its movement up. There are more locals who get employment because of this industry and more gemstone shops have opened.

If you wish to see how precious the stones mined from New Orleans are, it won’t hurt to go there and pay a visit. In fact, you can check out the kind of stones that they offer and buy there directly. Take note that in doing so, you are also helping the city come back to life. For sure, New Orleans will continue its positive movement forward with the help of these investors and the optimism of the people. If you finally decide to visit New Orleans and buy these semi precious stones, you can click here for some guidelines.

Adventurous Activites to try in New Orleans

New Orleans: City of Extremes

New Orleans is a city of vast extremes. Mention New Orleans and people think of jazz, Cajun cooking, beignets, mardi gras and Hurricane Katrina. It is all of these things and much more. There are walking tours through the French Quarter and Garden District. To experience New Orleans jazz, take a brunch or evening cruise. For families, there are museums, an aquarium and zoo.

You can walk, take a car or bicycle, cruise via boat, steamboat or airboat, even visit sites via segway! A visit to New Orleans won’t be complete unless you take an airboat ride through the bayous and marsh lands. Experience the supernatural as you venture into the cemetery and participate in the voodoo tour or the ghost and vampire walking tour!

Excite your palate by experiencing seafood, grits, or sausage. And you just must experience alligator, frog legs, crawfish, or mirlitons. All of these are featured by local restaurants. New Orleans is home for many world-class chefs, including Emeril Lagasse, John Besh and Susan Spicer. It is also home to the New Orleans School of Cooking.

Flying over the New Orleans area is a real treat. The varied landscape and evening lights of the city, stadiums and river all highlight the complex composition of the region.

If you have something more than the “usual” vacation desires, New Orleans has many tours that will take you off the beaten path. Here are just a few:

Swamp and Bayou Tours – there are many tours offered through one of America’s wildest swamps. See alligators, owls, snakes and a traditional Cajun village.

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park & Preserve – there are a number of guided tours through the bayou. Listen to local stories as you glide along through cyprus trees and hanging moss.

Cemetery Tours – There are over 7,000 graves in New Orleans’ oldest cemetery. Learn about the New Orleans’ jazz funerals, Creole customs, eerie voodoo and ghost tales as you walk through the French Quarter.

Steamboat Natchez Jazz Cruise – visit the site of the Battle of New Orleans, listen to a jazz band, tour a steam engine room and hear some of the fascinating history of the last paddle steamer, Natchez.

Hurricane Katrina Tour – visit the Hurricane Katrina Memorial dedicated to those lost during this disaster and neighborhoods most affected by the storm and hear stories of rebuilding efforts. There are many celebrities contributing not only money, but their time in an effort to restore the New Orleans area.

For parkour traceurs, New Orleans offers a number of local parks, state camp sites and an annual National Jam where traceurs gather to demonstrate their skill. Whether you are leaping over park benches or scaling walls or buildings to recreate your favorite chase scene from a recent movie, New Orleans offers you a vast array of landscapes to test your skills. Pack your parkour shoes with you and have a blast when you visit.

For those who enjoy paintball, there are a number of paintball courses available to let your imagination roam free – including a zombie and haunted house experience in nearby Hammond, LA. Bringing a bunch of paintball gear with you on a flight might be impractical, but if you are driving be sure to throw your equipment in the trunk in case you get the itch for some paintballing. If you have to rent equipment be sure to check out this paintball gun comparison chart so you know which paintball marker to select.

New Orleans is a diverse region with opportunities for culinary experiences and discovering nature. There are festivals throughout the year to sharing nature’s bounty with friends and neighbors. It truly does have something for everyone.

How People in New Orleans Coped with Stress after Katrina

It wasn’t easy for people of New Orleans to rebuild the place after the disaster, but they managed to. They also managed to look great.

We all know that the hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and turned it into a seemingly hopeless place. There are a lot of people from New Orleans who have decided to leave and never to come back. However, there are those who decided to face the challenge head on and fight to rebuild the place. It was a very stressful battle, but in most parts of New Orleans, things have become better now. Without these people who tried to bring things back to where they were, New Orleans would not have been where it is now.

If you are to think of it, the place was totally devastated after the disaster. Starting from scratch was the only option. However, it was also impossible to make things happen then. You can only imagine what they have gone through and how much stress they have to cope up with. As such, you can only look up to them and their bravery to face the challenge back then.

How they dealt with stress

According to studies, a lot of people from New Orleans decided to just give up after the disaster. Despite help coming in, they decided to just leave things behind and start a new life somewhere else. However, for those who stayed, the best way for them in dealing with stress is to take things one at a time. According to studies, those people tried to start from scratch and rebuild everything one at a time.

Optimism has also become the key to success. They never lost hope. They pushed through no matter what. They did not give up. These people thought of what New Orleans was before the disaster and they wanted to bring back its full glory. Therefore, even if a lot of people were on the verge of giving up, they still managed to push forward.

With stress, comes aging

It is also inevitable for people who have gone through a lot of stress to age faster. However, with the attitude displayed by the survivors, they were able to pull through without really aging fast. In fact, they were able to turn things around and looked even younger. Aside from positive thinking, it also helped that they have the best skin supplement. For instance, there are those who gave antiaging creams a try. This worked even for those who are most stressed out. It means that it can also work for you. If you want to read about lifecell skin reviews, go to

Aside from aging due to stress, there are also those who have undergone weight gain. This is due to stress eating. Well, they have managed to survive by undergoing weight loss technique. They also sought for help. For instance, this customized fat loss for men review from this site worked wonders.

In short, we can only learn from what they have gone through after the disaster. If they managed to survive, we can too. Just think positive and find out the best techniques to avoid problems.

Interesting Wildlife of New Orleans

New Orleans has a unique reputation for wildlife, and boasts of an incredible assortment of furry, feathered and finned animals. Every bit of scenery from swans, ducks, pelicans and alligators to the crickets and frogs will excite you. New Orleans is truly a home for wildlife and a natural wonder for wildlife enthusiasts. A description of the wildlife someone is likely to see when visiting follows below. Get to know the wildlife and look forward to seeing them during a tour.

1. The American Alligator
New Orleans is a thriving destination for alligators. The Southern edge is ideal for such large reptiles due to the large swamp lands that stretch hundreds of miles. The American alligator is considered to be the largest reptile in the US. It is the most sought after inhabitant of the Jean Lafitte Swamp and has a maximum lifespan of 80 years. While there, try determining the size of the alligator by guessing the number of inches between the eyes and the snout end.

2. Large Birds
New Orleans is home to large fishing birds like the pelicans, cranes, ibises and egrets. These birds stand at the edge of water to hunt for fish or snack on amphibians. Wonderful birds inhabit swampy areas such as the Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons. Other species of birds you are likely to see during the tour include loons, owls, cuckoos, warblers and owls among other magnificent birds. At times, the birds focus too much and are in turn sneaked up in the shallows by an alligator.

3. Turtles
You will easily spot large and horned turtles resting on the logs or swimming in the swamp. Common snapping turtles and soft shell turtles are also common depending on the time of the year. Soupy lands shelter various species of turtles. In this region, you are also likely to see an alligator snapping on turtles, map turtles and sea turtles.

4. Wild Pigs
Wild pigs are invasive to the New Orleans area and often feed on wetland vegetation. They commonly appear black and prefer travelling in groups.

5. Nutria
Nutria is at times referred to as “river rats”. You are likely to see these large rodents in the wetlands of New Orleans. These rodents are also invasive to the area due to their destructive habits of feeding and burrowing. Thus, they immensely contribute to the erosion of sustainable plant life.

6. Otters
River otters are another type of animal you are likely to see in swamps. They are cute and playful, and equally comfortable in water or on land. Their webbed feet make them excellent swimmers. They feed on small rodents, birds, crabs, frogs and fish.

7. Black bear
The black bear is the largest mammal in the US. It is considered a lumbering giant and a rare threat to humans. At times, they can become a nuisance by eating bird seed and causing some costly damage around homes while looking for food.

Other reptiles you are likely to see are snakes, though many of them are semi-aquatic. Other nuisance animals include raccoons, skunks, rabbits, squirrels and armadillos among others. With the incredible assortment, you are likely to be thrilled while on your New Orleans tour.

New Orleans: A Haven for Archery Lovers

New Orleans is not necessarily the place where you think of starting a career in archery, but when you try some places for practice here, you will love it.

We usually associate New Orleans as a place that has been extremely damaged by hurricane Katrina several years ago. We might also think of it as a place that has been devastated and can no longer go back to where it used to be. However, this is not necessarily true. In fact, several years after the devastating hurricane, New Orleans has already bounced back. It has created tall buildings once again and a lot of houses have already been restored. The people are working together to rebuild the city. To top it all, residents now have the time to do recreational activities. In fact, locals are fund of archery.

New Orleans is a perfect place for practicing archery. It also has nice views to enjoy while doing the games outdoor. The best part is that there are a lot of other archery enthusiasts who will motivate you to do well in archery too. Thus, if you want to give archery a try, you can go to New Orleans and enjoy what it has to offer.

The best archery centers

There are a lot of places all over New Orleans where archery lovers gather and play the game. There are also some centers offering archery courses for beginners. There are also competitions being held every now and then. Thus, you will totally enjoy what they have to offer. The best part is that even those who come from far places travel all the way to New Orleans just to play the game. In fact, New Orleans has attracted a lot more people with the explosion of archery shops.

Find a one-stop shop where you can first find the right equipment to use. They should also offer archery courses and they must be able to provide you with a good mentor as well. Once you have found the right partner, then it is high time to select the best equipment to use and start playing the game. For more information on the best crossbow, you can check this out. On the other hand, if you have already chosen to use recurve bows and you just need to read about recurve bow reviews, you can go to It might take some time before you land with the right equipment. However, you can easily feel it when you have already chosen the right one.

Practice more and do better

As soon as you have finally chosen your partner crossbow, it is time to improve your skills and practice. You might find it difficult at first. Take note that archery is not just a physical sport. It is also a mental game. You need to ensure that you focus on the target really well. Once you get the hang of it, you would want to do it over and over again. You can even join competitions the next time around when you feel more confident already. You can even make a steady career in this field if you really push for it and spend more time honing your skills.

Enjoying New Orleans All Year Round

If you are looking for a place that is truly a unique melting pot of music, food and culture, there is only one answer to that – New Orleans. Here, you will tremendously enjoy yourself in its historic neighborhoods, dark jazz clubs, and great architectural sites. Another thing that you need to know about this wonderful place is that it is considered the world’s Festival Capital in view of the dozens of festivities and special events celebrated there, all coupled with unique  music, food and multicultural heritage. So if you plan to visit the area anytime soon, here are some of the festivities that you can participate in while you are there.

In the month of April (2015), New Orleans becomes the place to be for music festival lovers. From April 9 to 12, the outstanding French Quarter Festival will be held. At this special occasion, you will witness superb live music and enjoy sumptuous Cajun and Creole foods. On Thursdays between the 16th of April and the 11th of June, make sure that you drop by at the Louis Armstrong Park. There, free live music will be held. While you’re there, make sure to get some taste of the local jams and food. You can also find some of the local artists in the area selling their wares.

In the month of May, particularly on the 15th to the 17th, another free music, food and art festival will be held. It will be alongside the famous Bayou St. John. On the 20th to the 23rd, you will get the chance to sip locally produced wines. In between, you can also check out the Greek Fest, which is usually held from May 22 to 24. Just proceed to Bayou St. John on a Labor Day weekend and eat and dance the Greek way! One last food festivity you shouldn’t miss during this month is the Oyster Festival, which will be held on the 30th near Jax Brewery. There are also eating contests that you can join if you’re up to it. Be sure to drink lots of water after so you don’t get sick! Now that I’ve mentioned water, just in case you need to look at a an interesting aqua ionizer deluxe 7 review, check out this site. For alkaline water 2015 reviews, go to

On the month of June, be sure to check out the Cajun Zydeco Festival, which is held on the 6th and the 7th. In this event, you will certainly have fun dancing to the tunes of Cajun and Zydeco music. Of course, there will be fabulous food and colorful crafts for you to taste and enjoy. From the 11th up to the 14th, watch out for the ‘Festigals’, which is the ultimate getaway for ‘gals’ being a long celebration of being a woman! So grab your girlfriends and celebrate your hearts out! Lastly, on the month of June, there is a 2-day festival featuring creole tomatoes. This will be held on the 13th and 14th, where you can head to the French Market and buy the freshest, plumpest, and juiciest tomatoes you can find in the US at this time of the year!

There are more festivals that will be held on the latter half of the year wherein you can also enjoy New Orleans music, food and culture. Watch out for my future posts for that list!